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Resilient Pastures Symposium 2021

10am Tuesday 11 May
3pm Wednesday 12 May, 2021

NZGA is planning to hold a symposium on Resilient Pastures in May 2021. This will be 10 years after the very successful Pasture Persistence Symposium and a great chance to both review progress and challenge future research direction.

Pasture underpins our agricultural economy, earning 40% of export revenue. However, pastures are not performing to their potential, and must evolve to support changing sector expectations.

The Resilient Pasture Symposium (RPS) invites paper offers from researchers and practitioners. The aims of the symposium are to:
• develop a sector-wide quantitative understanding of the value proposition of pasture-based systems
• provide a robust analysis of the issues that hinder the achievement of resilience in a changing world
• identify scientifically sound solutions to those issues that can be applied on farm

Download the full Call for Papers

RPS 2021 Call for Papers



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