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Websites of agricultural interest

29 May 2012

The internet is a great place to spend too much time. Lack of information can no longer be an excuse but trying to find it on the interweb can!

Heres a few sites that may be useful, some have been supported by Sustainable Farming Fund projects.

  • A website to help you understand NZ climate information and increase use in planning on farm

  • Information on lucerne grazing systems, winter ewe management (4 day shifting) and climate resilience (lambing and lamb survival)

  • The latest deer research and farm system information fron the Focus farm programme

  • HotScience profiles leading NZ scientists and researchers including presentations from the late Sir Paul Callagahan

HotScience - your online science channel

  • Podcasts from the Science Communicators conference

Science Communicators Association of New Zealand



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