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2014 Levy Oration recipient

11 November 2014

This years recipient was Jeff Morton. The New Zealand Grassland Association aims to temper its science by experience and few of our members exemplify this standard as well as this year’s Levy Orator. The Levy Oration is an opportunity to hear insights from contributors to our grassland science on a topic of their choosing.

This year’s Levy Orator, Jeff Morton, has had a wide and varied career since leaving Massey University in 1975. He has worked as regional scientist on the West Coast, national scientist based in Canterbury and then Invermay, led the development of an internationally recognised environmental science team at Invermay Research Centre, and interacted direct with farmers through agribusiness in his role with Ballance Agrinutrients.

Jeff’s research overs a wide range of topics, generally soil related, but ranging from changing growing conditions through fertiliser lime and drainage, to determining animal performance responses from those changes. Occasionally he has also published papers from direct interaction with farmers, such as anthelmintic trials and pasture grazing management impacts on feed quality. Jeff also made a significant contribution to predicting pasture performance with optimum economic fertiliser inputs and solving the DDT residue problems in Canterbury soils with the rise of dairying.

Jeff has published over 85 papers in international and national publications and has contributed to 2 books. It is his wide spread of topics and interpretation for a wide variety of audiences that make him an exemplary example of ‘Fuelled by science, tempered by experience’.



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