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December 2011
15 December 2011

Reflections on 80 years of the NZ Grassland Association, 2 past presidents, Warwick Catto and John Caradus offer their thoughts. Jacqueline Rowarth discusses the 'Powering Innovation' report fro high value manufacturing and compares the outcomes to what is needed for NZ agriculture in the future.

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December 2010
15 December 2011

A summary of the successful Lincoln conference where we combined with the Australian Society of Agronomy and had over 530 attendees over 4 days. The sessions on water and energy use and nitrate leaching and mitigation are summarised. We also farewell Prof Walker and outline his long contribution to both soil science and NZ agriculture.

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November 2011
15 November 2011

This newsletter followed the very successful Pasture Persistence Symposium held in Hamilton earlier in the year. Dr Dave Clark, DairyNZ, summarised his paper ‘Changes in pastoral farming practices and pasture persistence – a review’. Rob Brazendale (DairyNZ) and Gary Walton (Beef + Lamb NZ) also summarised the outcomes of the farmer workshops they ran - 'No single solution to pasture persistence but some management practices will help'

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October 2009
4 October 2011

Articles on 'Footprinting' (carbon and water) and the opportunities for farmers, Making kiwi agriculture more productive, as well as Pat Gardens musings on farming in the Swiss Alps

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August 2011
15 August 2011

The impacts of introducing a capital gains tax in NZ and how we can manage the transition to prevent unintended outcomes.

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June 2009
20 June 2011

This newsletter includes an article on Soil carbon written by Tony Parsons and Jacqueline Rowarth It is a follow up to the article in our last newsletter and sets out the complexities of not only the interactions of Carbon in the soil, but the difficulties of assessment and of aligning soil carbon with the Kyoto Protocol.

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June 2011
15 June 2011

Summary of the Pasture Persistence Symposium including why it was considered important to revisit pasture persistence, a popular summary of Dave Clarks paper ‘Changes in pastoral farming practices and pasture persistence – a review’and Dr Warren King's summing-up thoughts from the symposium.

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March 2011
15 March 2011

We revisit the first Gisborne Conference in 1983 and look at productivity gains. Productivity growth is a major factor in standard of living in the long term. It indicates that a nation is able to produce more output from available input over time. There is still much potential fro productivity gains in the agriculture sector.

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