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R & P 3: Using Herbage Cultivars

Adoption of herbage cultivars - an extension rationale
R.A. French and J.G. Simmonds

Download (258 KB)

Agronomic and environmental constraints in North Island dairying and the choice of pasture species
G. J. Goold, N.A. Thomson and F.R. Duder

Download (286 KB)

Environmental and agronomic constraints in dryland pasture and choice of species
J.H. Hoglund and J.G.H. White

Download (246 KB)

Establishing and managing improved plants in hill country
M.G. Lambert, A.P. Rhodes, D. J. Barker and J.S. Bircham

Download (289 KB)

Establishing and managing recent cultivars in arable dryland pastures
D.E. Hume and T.J. Fraser

Download (309 KB)

Establishment and management of sown finishing pastures
G.P. Cosgrove, R.J.M. Hay and C.C. Boswell

Download (301 KB)

Establishment and management of suitable species in dairy pastures
E.R. Thom, N.A. Thomson and D.G. Clayton

Download (368 KB)

Limitations to pasture production and choice of species
D. Scott, J.M. Keoghan, G.G. Cossens, L.A. Maunsell, M.J.S. Floate, B.J. Wills and G. Douglas

Download (297 KB)

Limitations to production and choice of species in finishing pastures
A.J. Harris and A.C.P. Chu

Download (291 KB)

Marketing herbage seeds
R.G. Smith and R.D.J. Mather

Download (261 KB)

Pasture growth limitations in hill country and choice of species
D.F. Chapman and M.J. Macfarlane

Download (307 KB)

Planning, establishment and management of pastures in high country
B.E. Allan, W.L. Lowther and P. J. Walton

Download (564 KB)

Some factors affecting the rate of adoption of new herbage cultivars
J.A. Lancashire

Download (538 KB)


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